Family Therapy in Jerusalem

Family therapy helps families undergoing a variety of crisis situations. No two families are alike; for this reason, every therapeutic process is constructed uniquely for the family, for the texture and structure of that particular family and in accordance with the circumstances of the application. The treatment is conducted with the participation of the entire family; however, in certain cases and according to the therapist’s discretion, separate meetings can also be held with one or more members of the family.

About family therapy

How will you know if family therapy would be able to help you?

If you identify with one or more of the following scenarios it is recommended that you seek treatment:

  • You have difficulty communicating with the children.
  • You struggle about how to cope properly with your children.
  • You feel you have lost your authority as a parent.
  • The family is currently experiencing an acute crisis as a result of a health problem, loss, financial or occupational difficulty, divorce etc.
  • You are experiencing difficulties during the period of pregnancy and childbirth, or with regard to the upbringing of babies and young children.
  • It is difficult for you to understand your children during their adolescence.
  • You often quarrel in the presence of your children.

The treatment process

Family therapy is a journey taken together, during which the members of the family agree to take part under the guidance of a therapist. This is because of the understanding that it is possible to solve many problems by changing the patterns of behavior and the interaction between them. The framework of therapy is a safe space for family members, where it is possible to talk about life together, the challenges that accompany it and also about the problematic reasons or events that have led the family to apply to undergo therapy together. Family members will, together, learn to communicate as a group and also with each other in order to process difficulties experienced outside and within the family setting. During therapy they will establish the ability to develop onward together towards a healthy and growth-promoting life.

“Shiluv” Institute

The therapists at the “Shiluv” Institute are all qualified, skilled and experienced family therapists who make use of a variety of treatment methods. The therapists at the Institute have all been carefully selected, and the members of the team learn and consult and receive constant guidance from the management and their colleagues at the Institute.

The “Shiluv” Institute provides its services at varying rates depending on the family’s income.

"Nitzanim" - therapy for families with children aged 0 - 9

Toddlers and young children who have undergone trauma or stressful situations in the family are not necessarily perceived by their family as requiring therapy. Many people are convinced that young children are not affected by what is happening around them, or that they do not remember events which occurred when they were young. Research and experience indicate that this assumption is not correct, and it could even be dangerous.

Nowadays we are aware of the fact that early intervention is capable of solving current problems and helping to prevent problems in the future.

The “Nitzanim” program is here to help children with social, emotional and behavioral difficulties due to trauma or stress within the family, and to address developmental issues which are specific to children. The therapists of the program offer comprehensive assessment and treatment that focuses on the child, in collaboration with the parents. The treatment plan that will be created in cooperation with the family will best meet the needs of both the child and of the family. Our approach empowers the parents and encourages strengthening the child-parent relationships by means of games, supporting the parent, and working with the child / parent or child / family.

Couple therapy in the Training Center - by experienced therapists who specialize in the field of couple and family therapy.

The “Shiluv” Institute accepts families for treatment at a subsidized price within the framework of the Training Center.

The treatment starts in October / November each year and the cost is between NIS 20 – 70 for a 50-minute session.

The therapists at the Therapist Training Center of the Institute are experienced professionals in the field of therapy (social workers, psychologists, educational counselors) who are in the process of becoming certified as a family therapist.

Families will be treated as part of ‘live’ guidance courses (using a one-way mirror), under the close guidance of a qualified and experienced instructor.

The treatment at the Training Center takes place during the academic year, from November through May.

This framework is suitable for families and / or couples who wish to make a change but find it difficult to finance therapy at the regular cost.

At the end of the therapy treatment at the Training Center the families / couples will be able to continue with a therapist from the staff at the Institute at a reduced price of 180 NIS per session.

Families who are interested in participating in therapy in accordance with this format will be invited for an interview to coordinate this.

Contact the Institute by phone through the Secretariat: 02 – 6251390


Please indicate when you apply that you are interested in joining this therapy program as part of a practicum.