Couple Therapy in Jerusalem

Couple therapy assists couples in a variety of crisis situations, and can often serve as the balance between separation, and between continuing a good life together.

The “Shiluv” Institute specializes in couple therapy. Over the years the Institute has successfully treated thousands of couples and has gained proven experience in a variety of treatment methods, adapted to the special requirements of each couple.

טיפול זוגי בירושלים

How do we know if we would be able to benefit from couple therapy?

Ask yourself:

Do you experience difficulties in communication – do you quarrel frequently? have thundering silences? or endless discussions that you revert to over and over again?

Do you experience conflict over specific matters – for example, the childrens’ education; relationships with the extended family; money or sexuality?

Do you feel distanced from each other?

Do you find it difficult to create intimacy?

Are you dealing with a crisis? – for example, infidelity, threat of divorce, or a personal crisis which one of the partners is undergoing?

Above all – do you get the sense that you are lacking an external, objective point of view – which would be for you and would be beneficial to you?

If you identify with one or more of the symptoms that are indicated above, we recommend that you consider getting therapy.

The treatment process

When a couple is received for therapy the therapists will make sure to create a safe space for the couple to present themselves, their strengths and their difficulties as individuals and as a couple, and their desires for their married life. Together with the couple they will learn about the patterns of communication between them; learn about the start of the relationship and clarify with each of the couple the emotional ‘baggage’ they are bringing to the marriage, and the implications that these might have on the marital relationship. All of this serves to create a foundation for better coping with the difficulties, for healing and renewal in the couple’s relationship.

“Shiluv” Institute

The therapists at the “Shiluv” Institute are all qualified, skilled and experienced family therapists who make use of a variety of treatment methods. The therapists at the Institute have all been carefully selected, and the members of the team learn and consult and receive constant guidance from the management and their colleagues at the Institute.

The “Shiluv” Institute provides its services at variable rates, depending on the income of the family.

טיפול זוגי במסגרת הפרקטיקום

Couple therapy in the Training Center - by experienced therapists who specialize in the field of couple and family therapy.

Couple therapy at a subsidized price within the framework of the Therapists’ Training Center.

The “Shiluv” Institute accepts families for treatment at a subsidized price within the framework of the Training Center.

The treatment starts in October / November each year and the cost is between NIS 20 – 70 for a 50-minute session.

The therapists at the Therapist Training Center of the Institute are experienced professionals in the field of therapy (social workers, psychologists, educational counselors) who are in the process of becoming certified as a family therapist.

Families will be treated as part of ‘live’ guidance courses (using a one-way mirror), under the close guidance of a qualified and experienced instructor.

The treatment at the Training Center takes place during the academic year, from November through May.

This framework is suitable for families and / or couples who wish to make a change but find it difficult to finance therapy at the regular cost.

At the end of the therapy treatment at the Training Center the families / couples will be able to continue with a therapist from the staff at the Institute at a reduced price of 180 NIS per session.

Families who are interested in participating in therapy in accordance with this format will be invited for an interview to coordinate this.

Contact the Institute by phone through the Secretariat: 02-6251390

Please indicate when you apply that you are interested in joining this therapy program as part of a practicum.