About the “Shiluv” Institute

High Quality Therapies in the field of the Family since 1971

מכון שילוב טיפול זוגי ומשפחתי בירושלים

About us

The “Shiluv” Institute for Family and Couple Therapy was established in Jerusalem fifty years ago, in 1971, to treat families and couples from all levels of the populace who are suffering from mental and functional distress, regardless of their financial situation.

More than 25 professionals work at the Institute, all of whom have rich experience, are experts in couple and family therapy, and are leaders in their fields.

The staff at the Institute treats hundreds of families and couples every year, and over the years it has gained considerable reputation.

In general, couples and families sometimes have to deal with stressful and crisis situations: severe financial hardship, trauma, illness, children with special needs, marital difficulties and more. Sometimes, crisis situations are caused due to the complexity and burden placed upon people in their normative life. In such situations, the functioning of couples and families may be impaired in different areas.

In its therapeutic approach the staff of the Institute emphasizes the entire family system. This is based on the presumption that the entire family is impacted in situations of crisis, and the power for healing and rehabilitation also lies within the family itself.

We believe that providing therapy for the entire family and providing them with the tools with which to cope is appropriate for each individual, and are a condition for a good and fulfilling life.

In parallel with the team of therapists, the Institute also conducts a learning and training array intended for professionals who are interested in specializing and developing in the field of Couple and Family Therapy.

The Executive Committee of the "Shiluv" Institute

The Executive Committee outlines the vision of the Institute and constitutes the organizational policy according to which it is conducted. Members of the Committee do their work on a volunteer basis.

Mr. Amnon Herzig, CEO of Focus A.H. for Business Consulting & Development. Until 2014, he served as a partner and CEO of the 50 Plus company. Prior to that he held senior positions in the banking system, including: Deputy CEO of Bank Hapoalim and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bank Massad. Currently he is active as a social entrepreneur.

Ms. Ronit Abramson, a lawyer specializing in corporate law, the capital market and banking. A director at Bank Hapoalim and a member of the Board of Directors of several non-profit organizations. In the past she served as a Director in other public companies, worked in senior positions in the Ministry of Finance and was a member of the management team and Chief Legal Counsel of Discount Bank.

Mr. Roni Cohen, Accountant and manager of a company for the administration of self-employed people, companies and associations for nearly 40 years. Serves as an external consultant and accountant for small and medium-sized businesses and supports new immigrants when they enter the business market.

Ms. Hanna Asheim, Chief Editor of D.K. Graube in Jerusalem, who specializes in Art and Classic books. Together with her editorial work she was engaged in public relations and administered a Cultural Center in Jerusalem.

Ms. Aviva Goldberg, a social worker who for many years was the Regional Director of the social services bureaus at the Municipality. Until her retirement she was in charge of the Department for the Elderly at the Municipality of Jerusalem.

Ms. Anita Bardin, a family therapist and certified instructor in family therapy in Israel and in the United States. She was the Director of “Shiluv” for over 20 years. She now owns a private clinic.

Dr. Joop Meijers, Clinical Psychologist. Formerly Head of the Department of Educational & Clinical Child Psychology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Today a psychologist in a private clinic and an instructor in clinical psychology.

Orit Yedid, served 25 years in the Israel Police in a variety of staff positions in the fields of organization, planning, budget and finance. Discharged at the rank of Deputy Chief of Staff. Since 2013 she has been involved in the fields of ‘Land of Israel’ – a course for tour guides; as a course for instructors in Jerusalem; an instructor at the Tower of David Museum; a tutor in the Yad Ben Zvi tour guide course. She volunteers in the community teaching courses about the Land of Israel at the Center for the Elderly in Mevaseret; she is a mentor in the “Immigrants Together” organization and in the emergency unit at the Ministry of Homeland Security. Member of the Audit Committee of the “Ofek” Association for Senior Police Retirees.

The Audit Committee

Eli Pardes, holder of an MBA in Business Administration from the Hebrew University and he is a certified public accountant. Serves as CFO at the Yigal Arnon law firm.

Eitan Green, a member of Kibbutz Tzuba, former CEO of Tzuba Winery.